How Our Alert System Works

Our alert system is unique because we will contact the offending company or individual and warn them of the alert. This is more effective than posting a notice to a forum or message board since you will have an active third party involved. In most cases the alert is resolved before it is made live on

  Step One - Post the alert!

As a paid subscriber, you can post news regarding the circumstances of your dealings with that company or individual on the Transport Watch site. It is very important that if you wish to post an alert, that you're certain of the circumstances involved, so please take good notes, and be prepared to stand behind everything that you say.

In order that we make this as powerful a tool as possible for the protection of all those in the industry that operate honestly, we will not allow Transport Watch Alerts to be used to air petty differences. Many day to day problems can be be handled sufficiently by good communication between reasonable people.

 Step Two - TW contacts the offender

After an alert has been posted, our staff will then contact the offending company or individual, and give them the opportunity to rebut what is being said about them. If they cannot defend their actions, the circumstances of the alert will go live on the Alerts section of the site, and those details will remain public.

 Step Three - Resolution

In most cases the offending company will try to resolve the issue with our subscriber. If the issue gets resolved, the alert will not get published on our website. However, if the issue was not resolved in a timely manner, the alert will go live. Once it goes live, it will be in our alert database as well as any search engines that indexes our site. Additionally this alert will go out on any social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

This service is only available to premium subscribers. If you're not a subscriber, please sign up for a 30 day free trial and try it out.

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