How Transport Watch can work for your company

  Who We Are

Would you like to be able to market your companies' unique services? Have news on fraudulent activity and want to get updates on fraudulent activities that have been identified by other members? Want to find a broker that offers freight in an area that you've accepted a load to without making a hundred wasted phone calls? How about a trucking company that specializes in over dimensional freight or a pilot car company in a given area or traffic lane? Want to have some peace of mind at a price that doesn't break the bank? is the one site and service that is dedicated to promoting your business as well as bringing identity theft, double brokering, and fuel advance schemes to a halt, along with offering unlimited helpful business enhancing information.

As most are aware, the federal government web site, provides information on all companies that are licensed to do business in the transportation industry, however, there are limitations to the information that can be provided. The Transport Watch service will take your ability to verify your potential business partners to a new level, and provide a quick, effective tool to help you protect your revenue.

When you sign up to be listed on Transport, we will ask you to give us very specific information regarding your company. We will ask you to provide this information in the interest of your safety and the safety of all others in our industry. If you are like most, you take pride in the fact that you operate honestly, and are ready to show what you have accomplished over time or intend to accomplish in your new business.

Get accurate and detailed information on the companies you are doing business with. Advertise and market your business for all to see at a price that is affordable and reasonable. Have the ability to report and research businesses on fraudulent activity. Make your next business transaction a safe and secure one with TRANSPORTWATCH.COM.


Our alert system is unique because we will contact the offending company or individual and warn them of the alert. This is more effective than posting a notice to a forum or message board since you will have an active third party involved. In most cases the alert is resolved before it is made live on By resolving at least one alert, you could cover the cost of an annual subscription on this site and still pull in your profit.

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  Promote Your Company

Companies that register on Transport Watch have the ability to create a profile describing their company. This profile is searchable in our database as well as accessible from major search engines. Free accounts can set up a basic profile containing their contact information while paid accounts have the option to create a profile with a custom look and feel as well as any additional information they feel is important.

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